Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today we'll take a look at, a growing site that caters to those looking for the latest tutorials, hacks, and tech projects, or as they simply state it: "Hacks, Mods, and Projects". That should get anyone who is hands-on real giddy right off the bat.

When you first enter, you notice that they get straight to the point with various articles, anything ranging from gaming wallpapers to DIY iPod hacks to Steampunk, this site literally covers it all within the technology niche. Beyond the array of topics, however, there seems to be two general areas that HacknMod has a true passion for: LED and Adruino (for those not familiar with Adruino, it's simply a tool for embedded computer systems' design and development, although there is WAY more to it than that!).

The fact that HacknMod's front page to be chock full of great articles, so honestly interesting, that the average person would feel convinced to maybe put on their DIY hats and get to work on a circuitry tutorial.

As we search further into the depths of's articles/tutorials, you get a perfect harmony of simple, written instructions along with great guide-photos. Even on occassion, a Youtube Video is available within the articles to help get your hack or project running smooth. What is to love most about the content within these articles of HacknMod is that they really take pride in what they are doing, and that truly translate easily through the step-by-step process. Honestly, 90%+ of the articles on this great tutorial site is no B.S. or filler keyword junk, and all practical content -- something refreshing to find, as most related sites are focused on SEO and ad-profit.

Overall, is simply an awesome site to learn from, with over dozens of great, useful tutorials and hacks. While the site might be simple in the eye-appealing factor, the content of HacknMod surely triumphs!

Tutorials + LED lights = Good Times.